Maxi Climber

Maxi Climber is part of the exercise equipment designed for short exercises in the comfort of your own home. INNOVENTIONS International LLC is a device for simulating mountaineering and burning calories from the shoulders of the thighs and legs throughout the body thats what they use.

It has some ergonomic control settings and user-friendly features that make it practical and easy to use. In addition to the benefits associated with burning, it promotes a healthy cardiovascular system. As a result, this machine will make your heart healthy. Click here to learn more about the best home exercise equipment.

Maxi climber benefits:
Adjustable height – Using the five different settings available, shorter individuals or higher capacities.
Education training – calories burned and number of steps counted. The exercise timer automatically opens when you start working and when you stop what you are doing.
Bio-X technology – provides the so-called “cross-scan” action that connects the nucleus at every step.
Ergonomic design – Has no ergonomic shape and handles any isometric grip strips. It offers a smooth low and comfortable interaction exercise.
Folds for storage – this can be done if this is not used. This standard will fit on the floor or you can just slide under the bed.