Antonio Jorge Peres Ugly  ComIH (Lourenço Marques December 6, 1954 – Lisbon, July 29, 2010) was an actor, director and Portuguese folder

He lived in Mozambique until seven years of age who came to Lisbon with the family At 11 he made his debut in the theater with the work of Miguel Torga, La Mar, directed by Carlos Aviles at the Experimental Theater in Cascais. For this experience in theater, followed by television and film, also participating in periodicals on radio and advertising campaigns as a teenager In 1969, as a professional actor in the company of Laura Alves return to Mozambique, on tour with the play Horas buyer.

He decides to retire from the stage in early 1970 and worked as a designer in an architects’ studio But in 1974, on April 25, he decides to return to the Experimental Theater in Cascais, where the different events, to form, with Fernando Gomes, the Aquarium Theater It continues by comedians Rafael de Oliveira and the National People’s Congress Theater Company-I (under the direction of Riverside), Comedy Theater House and Open on what they use.

He married the ugly journalist Lourdes, who had two daughters: Ugly Barbara Gonzalez and Kiki (Catherine) Ugly Gonzalez Later, the relationship of the fruit that had the actress Claudia Cadima also was born Cadima Cadima Ugly Ugly and Philip